Cost of Services

1 First Legal Notice (Content differs for different actions): INR 2000.00
2 Follow-up notice: INR 1000.00
3 Reply to legal notice: INR 2000.00
4 FIR: INR 2000.00
5 Complaint to Magistrate: INR 4000.00
6 Consumer complaint: INR 3000.00
7 S. 138 complaint (in cheque-bounce cases): INR 3000.00
8 Criminal complaint with cyber cell of police: INR 3000.00
9 Winding up petition: INR 5000.00
10 Summary suit or suit before small causes court (drafting, filing and one effective hearing): INR 5000.00
11 Subsequent hearings (Per Hearing): INR 1000.00
12 Settlement agreement: INR 2000.00
13 Insurance complaint (to insurer or IRDA Grievance Cell): INR 2000.00
14 Insurance complaint (to Insurance Ombusdman): INR 3000.00
15 Gratuity-related complaints or claims to statutory authorities (Per Action): INR 3000.00
16 Compensation claims in road accidents (initial petition only): INR 3000.00
17 Shareholder : INR 1.00
18 SHA: INR 10.00

The price quote above does not include the cost of subsequent follow-up actions. In case further action is necessary, or if any action other than the ones explained above is necessary to be taken, we will communicate the cost separately. If you are looking for something that is not listed here, please call 011-39585700 for assistance.

The index above does not include the cost of court fees, stamp duty, postage, printing costs and other applicable government charges.

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