What our clients say

POSist regularly uses service of lawyers from ClikLawyer to enforce important contracts and prevent infringement of our IP. It has been very cost effective, top quality and absolutely professional.

- Sakshi Tulsian, Co- founder, POsist Technologies Pvt. Ltd

ClikLawyer helped us recover quite a few of our old debts within weeks, and it cost us peanuts compared to the amount we got back. Good job guys!

- Nitin Purswani, Founder at Zepo.in

We needed a contract very quickly. Meeting a lawyer is always a hassle. With ClikLawyer, the entire work got done on my Smartphone, with very little time and even less headache from my side.

- Harshit Sonthalia, Entrepreneur, Bangalore

Lawyers from ClikLawyer recovered INR 70000 for me at a cost of INR 4000 and it just took 7 days once I gave them all the evidence. All lawyers had told me that it doesn't make sense to try to recover this amount as fighting in the court will take ages and a lot of money, but I didn't even have to go to the court.

- Prachi Aswani, Architect, with specialization in the field of Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Online defamation is rampant these days and it is not easy to handle. A lawyer from ClikLawyer helped me out to tackle this menace within a few days.

- Prasenjit Paul, CEO, Paul Assets